Setting up complete React Redux SPA application

This article is the continuation of the previous article I published, So I recommend going through the previous article before you continue because we will be installing Redux on the project from the previous article.

Install the required npm dependencies.

  • npm install react-redux redux redux-thunk redux-devtools-extension axios

Then create a store.js file under resources/js/superadmin/ folder with the following content.

Then update the app.js with the following content.

Then we need to create a folder to store actions. So we need to create a new action file called, resources/js/superadmin/actions/DashboardActions with the following content.

Later you can update the content based on your requirements.

Then we need to create a new file for reducer called, resources/js/superadmin/reducers/DashboardReducer.js. Following is the dummy content.

Then we create another file called, resources/js/superadmin/reducers/index.js with the following content.

We update the Dashboard.js component with the following content to make use of Redux.

That’s it. That is how we implement Redux.

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